SCARED to shit

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Live LONG live HarD

In most the families , there is allways this 1 person from whome every child is scared,
i had  1 too,  my Mama(Uncle).

 i was about 13 years old and at that time i just shifted to a new house, so i actually didnt had any friends , so most of the time i spent was with my coz sis (she lived close-by)
So the thing about our uncle is that if he even stares at us we used to weep , he juz never need to scould you, his eyes did all the talking.

But on this 1 fine sunny unfortunate day he scoulded , and not juz scoulded but he actually shouted at us on the road , infront of a whole market. And for a 13 yr old dat is like the worst thing that could ever happ to you.
i juz shivered  .

So this 1 fine sunny unfortunate day me and my sis thought of  gonig on a bike ride , i had a bike and she was willing so we felt like going , regardless of the instruction given by our parents for not going to farr.
7 yr’s ago every kid didnt had a cell phone, hell! even every adult didnt had a cell phone, so it was hard to maintain contact that easilly  . so we were on my bike cruzzing through the market enjoying the fine sunny &(bloody) unfortunate day , we were roaming for about an hour and never realised it(which we should have) and then suddenly a honda stoped right infrount of us, the sound of the tires skidding in the ground just shook us, we were allready in a shock but then the door opened and my uncle came out of the car. him comming out of the car wouild have taken only few seconds , but i was so scared that i was seeing every thing in slowmotion & acording to me it took about 10 min for him to come out.

and then he shouted like he has never shouted before. he grabed my sisters arm and put her in d car & told me to ride d bike infront of him and told me to head to my home. the ride would have been for about 10 min , and honestlly i was about to shit my pants during it, but i didnt(saved)
so i went home and he took my sis to her home too , and me and my sis didnt talk for 2 days . after 2days we shared our experiences with us, dat day i came to knew that he told her if she again went off like dat she will be send to bording skl.
& actually went on d same kind a drill once more after 2 yrs , but she wasnt send to bording skl
i still dont know y, coz his word was the WORD
(she got saved hun!!)

and to this day we talk about that , but now we laugh………..